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China's premium cellulose supplier





However,we will not satisfy the status quo and remain stagnant,we will still persist in pioneering and

innovating,Honesty and pragmatism,The spirit of enterprise in return,with a positive team culture and strong

technological strength,Our hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose will rushing out of Asia to the world. 


As always,we adhere to technological innovation,Quality-oriented,Follow the call of the party and government,Pay attention to environmental protection,

energ conservation and emission reduction,which make us to be good quality cellulose ether supplier for global valued customers.



Hello, dear customers and friends,Wellcome to Double Bull

Company! The Double Bull company is located in beautiful

Jinzhou City of Hebei Province,which experienced a tortuous

course from small to large,At the beginning it's short of capital、

technology and personnel,with only one simple production

line,These years,we're upholding the strategic thinking of

innovation, environmental protection and sustainable

development,Now it has more than 10 Automatic production

lines of German technology.

As your trustworthy partner, our company provides high-quality products and helps customers to achieve greater success. We will give full play to the overall advantages of modern enterprises by virtue of scientific management and pragmatic attitude, organically integrate economic development, environmental protection and social responsibility, make improvement, explore potentials and make innovation. Meanwhile, we establish cooperative relationship with domestic friends from all walks of life owing to first-rate products and service, share benefits, develop together and realize China’s Dream of “a harmonious and wonderful society”.